Divorce Coach & Child Life Specialist

The Divorce Coach is critical to the collaborative process serving to keep each party focused on their big picture goals and therefore, less reactive to the moment. Left unchecked, negative emotion too often hijacks and derails the process, and the divorce devolves into nasty accusations and recriminations which in turn result in years of costly litigation that hurts adults and children alike. When couples are less reactive, they can think more clearly and are less likely to get derailed by the negative emotions that inevitably get triggered by past and present hurts, disappointments and fears.

Have A Child Specialist Assess the Impact of the Divorce on your Children:

When Couples engage in a collaborative divorce, they sometimes find it helpful to engage a Child Specialist (CS) who meets directly with the children and brings their voices into the collaborative process. The role of the Child Specialist is to assess how the children are processing their parent’s divorce and better understand the children’s unique needs, desires and concerns in light of the divorce. Input from the CS to the parents invariably expands the scope of the parenting discussion and results in a richer, more comprehensive parenting plan.

Collaborative Divorce Coach with Attorneys & Financial Neutral Team:

Dr. Schrag can help you put together a Collaborative team including attorneys and a Financial Neutral. He himself can serve as a Collaborative Divorce Coach or neutral Child Specialist or can refer you to other capable professionals to serve those functions. In the process he can provide parents with the knowledge and tools they need to help buffer their children against the negative effects of divorce.