Exercise: Helping Divorcing Parents Attune to Their Children’s Perspective

Childhood Test

Give yourself time and space to do the following exercise. It is an opportunity to do something that despite its importance, most people never put aside the time to do. The exercise is designed to help you clarify your big picture thinking; your wishes, hopes, and dreams regarding the family you wish to create for… Read more »

ADHD and Driving

Do teenagers and adults with ADHD evidence impaired driving performance as compared to their non-ADHD peer group? Teenage and Adult ADHD is characterized by problems with impulse control, difficulties sustaining attention for prolonged periods of time, and problems with long term planning. In order to safely operate a motor vehicle, the driver has to be… Read more »

What to Tell the Children When We Cannot Agree on Why: Constructing a Parenting Narrative

By Dr. Jonah Schrag One of the most difficult tasks facing parents in the early stages of the divorce process is developing a consistent and coherent parental narrative that serves to explain to their children the reasons for the breakup of the marriage. “Why are you getting divorced?” is a question that leaves many parents… Read more »

Why Won’t my Child Take his Medicine?

Tweens and teens sometimes feel resistant to taking psychiatric medication even when they feel deeply unhappy or even when they have already experienced a positive result from the medicine. They may see medication as threatening their autonomy (i.e., the medicine is controlling them or their behavior). Credit your child not the medication: Explain to your… Read more »

Improving Memory and Recall When Studying for Tests

When preparing for an examination, which of the following do you believe is the most effective way to study? a) Read the chapter in the text book and then answer the questions in the back of the chapter b) Answer the chapter questions prior to studying the chapter c) Read the text book without attending… Read more »