Divorce Mediation & Marriage Counseling in Westchester County, NY

Dr. Schrag has over 30 years of experience as a marital therapist. He combines his training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, The Gottman Method, PAIRS and Mindfulness Meditation, to help couples understand the repetitive, destructive cycles that undermine good will, so critical for sustaining a healthy long-term marriage. At his Northern Westchester office, Dr. Schrag works with couples to improve their communication and strengthen the foundation of their marriage with counseling or mediation. He uses a variety of skills and techniques customized to the needs of each client. These might range from facilitating a conversation to teaching the couple concrete communication and negotiation skills. Dr. Schrag’s overarching goal is to help couples re-envision and re-invigorate their current relationship, transforming it into a dynamic structure that encourages them to grow and thrive.

Marital & Couples Therapy for Westchester County

Dr. Schrag’s Therapy for Couples is most influenced by the theories and practice of Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Salvador Minuchin’s Structural Family and his years of teaching the skill training PAIRS course to couples. Dr. Schrag brings his 30+ years of experience into the therapy room and, therefore, has the ability to tailor his treatment to the particular needs and temperament of couples in his office located in Westchester County, NY.

Individual or Family Psychotherapy with Children, Teenagers & Adults

Dr. Schrag has over 30 years of experience working with children, adolescents and adults. He uses individual and family therapy to treat depression, anxiety, anger management issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, Bi-polar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Previously, Dr. Schrag served on the faculties of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services where he taught graduate students and coordinated the psychology internship program. Call Dr. Schrag to schedule an appointment for Individual or family psychotherapy and specializing in children, teenagers and adults.

Separation & Divorce Services in Westchester County, NY

Westchester Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a legally binding method of divorce that is efficient, cost effective, non-adversarial. It is designed to help couples achieve an equitable settlement in a fraction of the time and cost when compared with litigated divorces. Dr. Schrag melds his specialized training in divorce mediation with his expertise as a child and marital therapist to produce a unique and structured agreement that simultaneously addresses the individual needs of the divorcing adults without losing sight of the sanctity of the family they jointly cherish.

Collaborative Divorce Services Westchester County

Collaborative Divorce Coach: Sometimes divorcing couples want attorneys to directly negotiate for them but want to avoid the polarizing divisiveness associated with litigation. For those couples, Collaborative Divorce may be right for them. To keep negative emotion from hijacking the process, the collaborative team might include a Divorce Coach. When couples are less reactive, they can think more clearly and are less likely to get derailed by the negative emotions that inevitably get triggered by past hurts and disappointments.

Parenting Coordinator

Co-parenting is a difficult task even in good marriages. In divorce, it can be particularly challenging. Differences of opinion can quickly turn volatile because the conflicts are fueled by old hurts and resentments dating back to the time of the marriage. Couples use PCs in different ways. Some couples meet with their PC according to a mutually agreed upon fixed schedule. Others use PCs intermittently as difficult issues arise. Regardless of the meeting schedule, Dr. Jonah Schrag can help parents protect their children from the deleterious effects of divorce by enabling them to effectively resolve conflict while preserving good will.

Parenting Plans, Holiday Schedules, Child Support, Maintenance (Alimony)

Dr. Schrag helps structure parenting plans, holiday schedules, child support, maintenance or alimony and more through a variety of Divorce Mediation & Collaborative Divorce techniques to encourage an agreement between the divorcing couple which is in the interests of everyone involved including the child or children.

Divorce Coach & Child Life Specialist

Though Divorce severely impacts children, their voices are often left out of the divorce process. The Child Specialist meets directly with the children to assess how they are metabolizing their parent’s divorce and to ensure that their individual needs and concerns are represented in the final divorce agreement.